“remote processing of biometric data in public spaces for identification purposes fail to strike a fair balance between the competing private and public interests, thus constituting a disproportionate interference with the data subject’s rights under Articles 7 and 8 of the Charter.”


Guidelines 05/2022 on the use of facial recognition technology in the area of law enforcement


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While the politics of general facial recognition of crowds- or indiscriminate processing of the biometric data of innocent people in a public place- are a matter of debate, the legality is not.

The European Data Protection Board issued its assessment of that action immediately before the Minister’s predecessor announced they would legislate for it.

They said it was illegal under EU law.


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I see the new Minister has been lashed to the mast of his new Department’s most iffy plan (if *you* are a new Minister, I am available to advise you on escape routes if your Dept wants you to publically tie yourself to a pre-existing plan) to pass a law to allow Gardaí to run facial recognition on the public through CCTV cameras.


Still shocked when I see things like this 1 TB microSD card. The equivalent of 694,400 floppy disks in a form so small I could swallow it painlessly with a bit of water.

Whatever your views about helmet wearing while cycling, it is not a legal requirement in Ireland. The injuries this woman suffered were down to two factors, the inattention of the driver, and the poor infrastructure for cycling in the city. It is simply wrong that she herself would be penalised for these failings.



The decision to reduce compensation for injuries caused by others’ negligence on the basis that the cyclist wasn’t wearing a helmet, and that constitutes contributory negligence is difficult to square with the fact that cyclists have no duty in law to wear a helmet.

(Whether there ought to be such a duty is a matter for the Oireachtas, not the courts)

I feel like we aren't calling the 2038 problem the "epocholypse" often enough

We should all try harder to make this a thing

So, one of the things I do/did on the bird site was track the number of images of women in sport appearing each week in the Irish Times Sports Supplement. I'm not a sports fan, but I am interested in the visibility of women in sport. I've been tracking since March 2019 and the numbers are worse than you'd think. Anyway, here is a round up of the numbers for 2022.

@blaine Sorry, still not getting the kernel of the point you're trying to make. Governance for Mastodon the software project? For a specific community hosted by an instance of the Mastodon software? For all communities? For the entire fediverse?

E.g. I'd probably take a different position on each of these:

a) s/w project -> core dev team to decide governance model
b) specific instance -> that community itself
c) all mastondon instances and/or fediverse -> not appropriate


I did. And apologies, but that's why I'm confused 😕 Sorry.


I'm worried you're mixing up ActivityPub - the protocol - and Mastodon - a specific, albeit most popular, implementer of the protocol. The first feature listed on Mastodon's GitHub page is 'no vendor lock-in'.

It also seems you've missed one of the main principles of open source software - fork and develop as suits you. There are alternatives also.

Lastly, the Fediverse is not "we do this together or not at all" - it's we federate and suit our specific communities.


President Zelenskyy's New Year's message is a superb piece of oratory and filmmaking. I'm not going to pick out a segment - it's only 17 minutes and you deserve to see it in its entirety. It's worth every moment, I promise. youtube.com/watch?v=ANaVkRxDPC

Elon Musk bans several prominent journalists from Twitter, calling into question his commitment to free speech

Irish MEP Mick Wallace has used his platform in the European Parliament to criticise protests in Iran.
“Iran is under attack,” he said, decrying "propaganda" against the regime.
Violent civil unrest "would not be tolerated anywhere" he told the chamber

I just popped in to look at the #GDPR hashtag and backed away slowly, closing the door on a global Joe Duffy’s worth of assertions about the law and what it does and doesn’t say.

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