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The EU privacy enforcer puts Elon Musk on notice as Twitter melts down.

Irish Data Protection Commissioner Helen Dixon is worried.

"We're now proactively engaging and asking, 'What risk assessments are being run and what are the implications for European users?".

Dixon added that she would be "probing" these points with Twitter's acting privacy chief, Renato Leite Monteiro, who's been in his new job for just over a week.

#EU #Privacy #Twitter #Musk

Great view of Earth as Artemis-1 heads for the Moon.
Take that flat earthers!

Twitter and Mastodon 

A million new accounts tripled Mastodon’s user base in the last few weeks.

Twitter still has 200millionish accounts.

Except, it really relies on a tiny slice of that 200 million to write all the content every day.

These are the “heavy tweeters”.

“less than 10% of monthly overall users but generate 90% of all tweets and half of global revenue.”


Bloomberg chart marking the moment London lost its position as Europe's largest stock market.
Paris overtook London for the first time, to be valued at $2.823 trillion, vs the UK's $2.821 trillion.
In 2016, British stocks were collectively worth $1.5 trillion more than France.

We decided to introduce another release candidate for 8.2.0, RC7 and to slightly change the schedule for subsequent releases.

❗️#PHP 8.2 GA will out on 8 December 2022 - Looking for freelancer

I need someone to move PostgreSQL and Redis from an Ubuntu 18.04 server to an existing fresh 20.04 server. Plus install pgBouncer and re-direct backups to an existing AWS S3 bucket.

The most important part is to make it all work with the non-docker Mastodon on the first server.

Optional extras: Set up extra Sidekiq, Puma and Streaming API processes on a third machine

Can you give me a quote on that, please? Or do you know someone who can?

Reposted from...that other site, mainly because I'm still sitting here with my mouth agape at what has transpired just in the last 24h. Everything that
has done publicly so far to Twitter seems like exactly what I'd do if I wanted to ensure the entire platform ran straight into the ground, and fast. His actions and words make it really hard to see how this isn't actually his plan.

Tooting the Irish president with one of his dogs because every social media platform should see this and we need to see more dogs here! 💚 Boost away!
#Irish #boost #Toot #tooted #Newbie #dogs #IrishMastodon #irishtwiiter

My first #Mastodon 🐘

Thanks to @gavreilly (my personal tech expert) for showing me how to actually access my own account here 😅

Hello 🙋🏼‍♀️ Let’s see how this goes …

#TheGroupChatPodcast 🎙 #VirginMediaNews

Politics, USA, Hellscape. 

A better than expected night for the Democrats and Joe Biden. Donald Trump is left in a position of weakness but will still put himself forward next week to be President once more.

In traversing nine states in two weeks, there are still hordes of people devoted to him - who believe he is infallible.

I just wonder where that energy and devotion goes to if he feels under threat.

Right, time for my solo Pleroma instance to make more friends. Are there any good ActivityPub relays that connect communities most interested in BGP, Ip networking, isp business topics, peering, foss, python that I can connect to and any followers can recommend?

We are I BIKE Dublin. Formed in 2017 we’ve brought #PeopleProtected cycle lanes to people who #cycle in #Dublin.
It’s nice to see some friendly faces here on #mastodonie & to make new acquaintances also.
We had our most recent action on Harolds Cross Road & enjoyed a good local turn out whislt we kept people cycling, including families & commuters, safe from the usual obstruction of parked cars in their path. Have tried, unsuccessfully, to attach a picture to this post 🤷‍♂️ #FreeTheCycleLanes

Welcome @donieosullivan to the Mstdn. I for one welcome our new masto-donie overlord. (I confirmed the account with the man himself)

I've been meaning to do an #introduction.

Hi, I’m Holly, I turned 33 on Friday. I’m from a small farm in West Cork.

I did an MSc in Organic Horticulture with a view to taking on my family farm and business - Brown Envelope Seeds. Then repeal the 8th happened and now I’m a TD instead (that's the short version of how I got here without all the recounts).

I have a podcast called Inside the Chamber.

I want a more progressive government to represent us and I know it’s possible.

As someone new to #mastodon, I've learned a lot over the last week.

I've written this blog post to try and capture what I've learned about Mastodon.

Everyone else: #Mastodon is really complex and has a lot of questions around who can see your DMs and what instance should you join and how do you find people and why toot instead of tweet and how do we monetise it and...


Greetings, world.

Let’s give this thing a go.

Follow this account for insight and commentary on criminal justice, wanton lawsplaining and frivolous miscellany.

Screaming into the void...